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As small business owners, there is nothing we understand better than the conservation of our valuable time. Time is literally money when you’re the boss and you can’t spend it on tedious, time-consuming tasks. There are so many of these types of tasks that take a long time and a lot of concentration but they’re also tasks that can’t be ignored. That’s why the best bosses outsource the small things and that’s why Porthos Media is here., serving Kelowna, Pentiction and the world.

Let’s take a look at what we can do for you.

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Website Copy

Copywriting can make or break your online business. With the right words, your website can rank high on the search engines which translates to an influx of targeted traffic, increased sales and market domination. Most business owners overlook their website copy though and just cram any words in there they can think of just to get the task out of the way. It’s understandable! It takes a long time to craft search engine friendly words for a website full of pages. Especially when you want those words to be user-friendly as well. Ignoring this task isn’t the answer, either, because that can doom your website to the last pages of search results with no traffic, no sales and no success. 

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The answer is to hire a copywriter. That’s where we come in. At Porthos Media, we have over 30 years of writing experience and our writing team is headed up by someone who used to work in Search Engine Optimization. What that means for you is that you get quality website copy that not only draws your site visitors in, answers their questions and turns them into customers, but you’ll also get copy that the search engines reward. You’ll get the traffic, and you’ll convert the sales. Check out our copywriting portfolio and see some of our work.


No matter what your website is about, our writing team can take care of your website copy for you with pristine research, user-friendly verbage and packed full of the keywords you want to target on the search engines. We have a quick turnaround time and a passion for the job so you’ll get a finished product written with care as quickly as you need it. 


Do you need web copy written? Get in touch and we’ll chat!

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Blog Posts

From listicles about the ten best ski resorts in British Columbia to your grandmother’s walnut bread recipe, it doesn’t matter what blog post you need written. We can write anything you need in blog post format with engaging language, personality and calls to action. 


Blogging is a powerful tool when used properly. With the right words, titles and topics, a great blog post can draw a crowd, raising brand awareness and increasing sales. 


At Porthos Media, we’ve been blogging since the birth of the first blogging platform. We’ve done reviews, travel blogs, recipes, how-tos, announcements, and listicles on just about any topic. Our research skills are unbeatable with our background in Search Engine Optimization which means you get fact-checked, current information that’s relevant. If you understand the power of a blog, but you just don’t have the time to do the writing yourself, reach out to Porthos Media and we’ll take it right off your hands. 

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Product Descriptions

Whether you’re a company with thousands of products for sale online or just a small operation with a handful of items, writing product descriptions is tedious and time-consuming. As a business owner, however, you know how important they are. Not only do they describe and sell the product to your customers, but they also help to let search engines like Google know what each product page is all about. If you’ve done your homework, and crafter your product descriptions with care, you can rank higher for popular keywords, opening the door for more traffic to your website. So, as much as you might want to, you can’t skip those product descriptions and you certainly can’t give them half-effort. 

If spending hours upon hours writing product descriptions is not a cost-effective way to spend your time, it doesn’t mean you have to skip them. HIre a professional copywriter to craft product descriptions that not only please your potential customers but also draw the attention of search engines, browning traffic to your website. 


If you need product descriptions done by professional SEO writers, get in touch with Porthos Media today. 

Need descriptions? Call us!


They say you’re only as successful as the size of your mailing list and there’s never been a time that this is more true. Building your contact list and cultivating engagement is no small task. You need fresh ideas for newsletters and you need to find the time to write them. Newsletters should drive engagement and clickthroughs which translate to sales and profit.


At Porthos Media, we can write anything for you that you don’t want to write yourself and that includes daily, weekly or even monthly newsletters. Whether the notes you send out to clients and customers are long or short, it doesn’t matter. We can pack a punch with few words. 

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And much, much more. If you dream of sending out a regular newsletter but you just don’t have the time to execute it, give us a call at Porthos Media and we’ll show you what we can do.

Need a Newsletter? Call Today!

The Porthos team are pros at research and each of us has the ability to write on just about any topic using a myriad of research tools found on the internet. From medical conditions and cooking to investments and credit, we are happy to write about it. We have experience writing fully researched pieces on: 


  • Mental Health

  • Skincare

  • Hair care

  • Finance

  • Cooking

  • Printing

  • Events

  • Estate planning

  • Cosmetics

  • Medical marijuana

  • Food and dining

  • Moving services


If you’ve got all the beautiful photos you need to make a striking brochure that will turn heads but you’re stuck on filling in the text, we’ve got you covered. A brochure can be a powerful marketing tool when executed properly and the words you choose can be the difference between a successful brochure and one that’s just really pretty. You’ve got to get into your potential customer’s head and predict what information they want the most. What is it that they would be looking for in a brochure about your products or services? At Porthos Media, we have a knack for crafting brochure copy that turns a nice looking brochure into one that people hang onto because it’s got the information they want in plain language. 


If you’re embarking on a brochure project but you’re just not sure what the copy should sound like, reach out to the team at Porthos Media, and we’ll take it from there.

Need a Writer? Call Today!

Social Media POsts & Tweets

It seems so easy, doesn’t it? Just pop a photo of your product on your feed with a link to your website and the customers, will pour in, right? If only it were that easy. In the early days of social media, we may have gotten away with that but today, there is so much noise and so many distractions to drown out. With each passing day, it becomes more and more challenging to truly capture the attention of your potential clientele and convert that attention into profit. 

A social media post is so much more than a photo and a caption. It’s a representation of your brand that should cultivate engagement, grow your audience and slowly build a loyal customer-base who feel compelled to share your content and purchase your products. It’s not easy to achieve all of that with a single social media post, but with the right writers giving you an assist, you can’t lose. 

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If you want to explore how Porthos can help you craft social media content that wins, get in touch with us today and we’ll chat! 

Need Tweets? Call us!


E-books can be promotional material, supplemental material or they can become a product for you to sell. No matter what your intentions are with an e-book, Porthos Media knows how to craft it. 


The best thing about an e-book is that you make the rules. It can be 10,000 words or 100,000 words. It can be organized into as many or as few chapters as you like and it can be updated as often as needed. You can use an e-book to provide your customers with instructions for your products or services. You can use an e-book as a funnel to draw in sales and increase profits. You can also sell your e-book for supplemental income.

At Porthos Media, we’ve written e-books on countless topics:


  • Hair care

  • Travel

  • Recipes

  • Pet care

  • Medication

  • Law

  • Retirement planning

  • Mortgages 

  • Landscaping


And so much more.

If you’re ready to get your e-book written, get in touch with us and we’ll chat!

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At Porthos Media, we’re ready and eager to take on any writing project you have that you don’t want to complete yourself. In addition to the writing forms we’ve listed here already, we also offer writing services for: 


  • Memos

  • Advertising copywriting

  • Amazon copywriter

  • Letters

  • Resumes

  • Manuals

  • Technical writing

  • SEO writing


 If you don’t see your writing project listed here, reach out and let us know. Let’s see what we can do for you! 

Need a Writer? Call Today!

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