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Kelowna Podcast Production


There's no denying a podcast boom is happening, even in Kelowna. Podcasts are binge-able content for your ears. There are podcasts covering every conceivable topic, from baking to punk rock. What's more, the podcast craze doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. So, how can we cash in on this podcasting phenomenon? How do we start our own podcast and make it sound professional? It's simple. Call Porthos Media, where the best podcast editor proudly serves Kelowna and beyond.

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If you're looking to leverage the power of podcasts for your business, you're headed in the right direction. Last year, 12 million Canadians listened to podcasts and that number has been steadily rising each year. Podcast listeners are affluent and educated and they have spending power. If you've got an idea for a podcast that will highlight your business and draw listeners in, you're about to tap into a massive audience. Now, all you need is a skilled and experienced podcast producer in Kelowna and that's where Porthos Media comes in. We're among the best podcast production companies in Kelowna and we want to work with you!

Let’s take a look at what makes great podcast production!

Let's produce a podcast

The focus should always be on the talent and the content itself. There is no such thing as production value that can save tired, boring subject matter. If you have a great podcast idea, that's half the battle. Now, you have to be able to deliver that idea in an easy-to-consume, organized way. That's where Porthos Media can help out. The podcast production team at Porthos Media, can assist with the planning and organization stage. Our podcast producers can coach you through the process from conception to going live. Our podcast production services include it all, but we also offer consulting services so you can do everything on your own with a little bit of guidance.

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The Podcast Audience

What is the genre of your podcast? Your podcast production should reflect the subject matter. The flow, the narration, and the audio landscape are all going to vary for each genre. For instance, if we're producing a true crime podcast, we'll build suspense with foreshadowing and suspenseful music. The narrator's voice might be low and eerie. A news podcast, on the other hand, would have to get straight to the point, with fact-checked information and clear, straight-forward narration These differences require a lot of planning on the production side. A good podcast production process ensures your listeners hear everything clearly. A thorough plan, and an expert audio design will help your podcast perform beyond your listener's expectations. Porthos Media has extensive experience creating a customized audio design strategy customized to your podcast and your target audience. Call us to work on your podcast in Kelowna today!

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Podcast equipment 

Whether you're out recording on the shores of our beautiful Okanagan Lake, or you're tucked away in a cozy cabin in Lake Country, you will need the right equipment for your podcast content to sound great. You can indeed record and launch your podcast using nothing more than your smartphone, but if you're looking for greater production value, reach out to Porthos Media. We can tell you precisely what podcasting equipment you'll need to launch your show while keeping podcast production costs low. From microphones to recording software and more. Reach out to our Kelowna podcast production team to learn more about what equipment you'll need to get that podcast out there.

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Let's record a podcast!

As a Kelowna podcast production company, we've seen a lot of exciting podcast topics, from wine and fine dining to skiing and hiking. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, filled with lakes, ski hills, golf courses, wineries, and more. Any podcast produced in the Okanagan Valley will be exciting and draw in an audience. So, let's get your podcast off the ground and running! We want to know what your podcast idea is. Give us a call and let us know! We can jump right in and run the show for you, or we can consult with you so you know how to run your podcast. We'll check your equipment, help you plan out your episodes, and we can even provide script-writing services if the need arises. Porthos Media is your one-stop shop for everything to do with your podcast, so reach out and speak with your podcast production team today!

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Kelowna Podcast editor

Editing is where podcasts come alive. It's where the story takes shape and starts to become powerful and intriguing. Think of podcast editing as the part of the process that's like modeling clay. You get the raw material, in this case, your raw sound files, and shape and mold them to form something that makes sense or invokes emotion. Some podcasts don't need much editing, aside from signal chain processing like EQ and compression. Other podcasts need a lot of editing to fit the storyboard. Either way, you want Kelowna's best podcast editor on board to make sure your final product sounds great and draws the listener in. There's a lot more to it than just hitting the record button, so call Porthos Media, and we'll make sure your podcast sounds spectacular.

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Kelowna POdcasts That Sound Great.

For post-production services in Kelowna, BC, reach out to Porthos Media. Post-production editing is where your incredible idea is polished and sent out to listeners. Find out how Porthos Media's podcast production team in Kelowna, BC, can help you achieve your desired sound. We edit podcasts for you.

Content always comes first, but there are excellent tools that can heighten your podcast audio editing to make it truly stand out. Carefully placed sound effects, powerful background music to invoke emotion from the listener, and audio bumpers or stingers to move the story along, are all tried and true methods to add a polished, complete sound to professional podcast production. Your intro and outro music choice can boost your brand message and create loyalty among your listeners. Advertising sponsors are a great way to generate extra income with your podcast, and professional-sounding podcasts draw sponsors in. As one of the best podcast production companies, post-production is our specialty at Porthos media in Kelowna, BC. We can take your podcast to the next level. Reach out and find out how our podcast production services can work for you!

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Let's produce your podcast now!

In the podcast production studio at Porthos Media we offer podcast editing services and is eager to hear your podcast ideas and show you how you can take your pIn podcast production to the next level. Check out our podcast production portfolio and contact us today to discuss your project; we would love to work with you! We are located in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, just moments from Highway 97. We work with clients in Kelowna but also all over the world. We love local projects to bring visibility and business to our beautiful valley, raising awareness for Kelowna's local products and services. Whether you're on Lakeshore, in Mission, downtown Kelowna or Rutland, we can help you with your podcast production as a freelance podcast producer. Reach out to your friendly local Okanagan podcast producers today!

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