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Video Editing & Production

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Video killed the radio star, and the internet has killed cable TV. There is no denying that online video content is consumed like no other medium in history. YouTube alone receives almost 5 billion views per day! Of those views, 80% are 18-49-year-olds. That is a huge demographic of eyeballs you’re missing out on if you don’t have video content available online. You may have products or services to promote. Product reviews or unboxing, instructional or educational, DIY or How-to guides, social commentary & vlogs, interviews, music, or hundreds of other types of video content can help you do that. With 5 billion videos competing with yours every day, you'll need to stand out. Having a well-produced video will ensure that viewers get the information they need. At Porthos Media, we’re working with clients to capture their message and present it in the most effective way. 

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How do I make my own video?

Making a video is as easy as pulling out your smartphone camera, pointing it at your subject or yourself, and pressing record. Some apps will allow you to trim clips, and perform basic editing functions before uploading them directly to platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok and others. This is an excellent way to create simple videos for social media, and connect with your audience. 

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How do I start making video content?

Like any creative project, it all starts with an idea, a vision, and a plan. You're already on your way if you have some basic tools, equipment, knowledge, and a great idea. Let’s break affordable video production down into eight steps.

Step 1: Have a story to tell. Even if you're selling a product or service, provide the viewer a path to follow in order to receive your message. Outline this story, write a script and create a storyboard for the flow of your video project.


Step 2: Plan your production. Do you require people, animals, cars, dialog, or music? Where will you need to shoot your video? What sort of visual props or images will need to be in your shots? What equipment will you need? Will you need camera(s), lights, boom microphones, or a sound recorder? Will you need power on location or extra batteries for gear? Will you require a crew or food for your team? There are many things to consider before heading out to shoot your video. 


Step 3: Create a shooting schedule. This can be as simple as one person in a room or coordinating 20 people across multiple locations and several days, weeks, or longer. Time is money, and you can’t afford to waste a day of shooting because someone isn’t available that day. 


Step 4: Lights, Camera, Action! Seriously though, lighting is so critical to your video shoot. Ensure you have adequate lighting and the ability to diffuse light as needed. Try to use natural light whenever possible, but at minimum, be sure to utilize a main key light facing your subject and a fill light that is often to the side of your subject. It’s also very common to add a backlight, which adds real depth to your shot. Now, shoot your video! Capture as much footage as you think you need, including multiple takes of the same shot. If you’re working with one camera, try shooting the same shot a few times and changing the camera angle. This will give you options in post-production. Shoot some B-roll whenever possible. Ensure you follow your script and storyboard to capture all of the shots you need.


Step 5: Stay Organized. Once you start shooting your video, you may have hours and hours of footage for a 10-minute project. Have someone keep track of the video shots. Take notes and keep a log with the date & time of each shot. Note the shot name, scene, take number and subject. This will be invaluable when it comes time to sort through and label the footage in your editing software, which leads right into….


Step 6: Label your footage. You’ve shot everything you planned and called out, “That’s a wrap!” to your team. You’ve imported all of the footage into your software of choice, and now you have hundreds of video files all named something like IMG.4578.MOV, IMG.4579.MOV and so on. Remember all the notes and log you kept in step 5? Here’s where that’s worth its weight in Latinum. Sort all those meaningless file names by date, and they should correspond fairly closely to your log! Rename the files with details from your log, and voila! Genius! You can thank me later ;) If you had not kept that log, you would have to preview every file and figure out which shot, scene, and location matches which take, etc. AHHHH, no thanks!


Step 7: Post-Production. You will spend a lot of time here if your project isn't organized, but editing will be a breeze and enjoyable if you've followed along! You’ll need to review your video clips and select the best ones. Trim them down to just what you need, and then build your timeline based on your storyboard. You may want to add titles, graphics, music, or sound effects. You may need to record narration or even voice-over to replace poor camera audio. Lastly, you might want to add some bells and whistles like transition effects, some animation, or special effects to elevate your video project and push it to that next level.


Step 8: Rendering. Depending on the software you’re using and where you plan to publish your video, you’ll need to ensure you render your project in the appropriate format. There’s a lot to consider here, so make sure you know what works best with what platform.

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How do I add music to my video?

It just so happens that music for video is our passion at Porthos Media. We can create a custom soundscape that pairs perfectly with your video and branding. We draw from our own in-house collection of original music or utilize royalty-free or licensed music to find the right match. We can write custom jingles, theme music, background music, or whatever you need to get the results you seek. Choosing the right music can make the biggest difference in how your video is perceived, and we’ll stop at nothing to find the sound! 

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How do you make a great video?

If your goal is to make top-notch, professional-looking video content, there is no shortage of options out there when it comes to equipment, tools, and editing software. At its most basic level, a good quality high resolution camera, decent lighting, and some editing skills are all that’s really required to put together an incredible video. In today’s busy world, many content creators and business professionals need help producing top-notch video content. Whether it be due to a lack of time and skills or just no desire to do it on your own, often a lot of this work can be outsourced to experts. At Porthos Media, our goal is to fill in where you need help. You may be able to shoot your own video content but need someone to turn those video clips into an engaging, sensational production with a polished appeal and professional appearance. We specialize in video content production for the web. Along with our audio production team, we can ensure your video sounds as good as it looks. With excellent graphics, titles, special effects, voiceover & narration, as well as skilled editing, our video production department will work with you to create a video that exceeds your expectations! Check out our video editing portfolio and consult with us to get started with audio and video production!

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