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Penticton Podcast Production

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There's a podcast fad happening and it's made its way to Penticton, too. Everyone loves a great podcast binge, it's like candy for your ears. Podcasts exist in every genre, covering every topic imagineable. This podcast frenzy isn't losing steam at all. So, how can we capitalize on this podcasting craze? How can we launch our own podcast and make it sound great? It's easy. Reach out to Porthos Media, where you'll meet the best podcast producer that proudly serves Penticton and beyond.

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There's no denying the power of a great podcast, but did you know your company can leverage that power to increase your sales and visibility? It's true! In the past 12 months, a whopping 12 million Canadians actively listened to podcasts, and that number is growing day by day. The best thing? Demographics suggest podcast fans have spending power. If you can come up with an engaging podcast to put your business out there,  you're going to tap into a tremendous audience who are active consumers. All you need is the best podcast producer in Penticton from Porthos Media!. 

SO, what is podcast production?

Launching A podcast

Podcasts always start with an idea. The subject matter and content are going to create the foundation for your show. You can't save a podcast with boring subject matter, even with the best podcast producer in Penticton. One you have the million-dollar idea, it's time to create a professional sounding show that draws in listeners. Call Porthos Media to get your podcast off the ground. Our podcast producers can help you through the process of building a successful podcast. Our podcast production services include everything you need to launch. Consulting for podcast production is available, too

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Tell us about your podcast idea!

Your Podcast Listeners

Your podcast genre is important and can influence the overall sound of your show. Your storyboarding, voice inflections and overall sound landscape will match your genre. For example, a true crime podcast needs suspenseful music and foreshadowing to build the mystery and hook the listener. A cooking podcast, on the other hand, would sound more bright and uplifting and incorporated more humor and personality. Differences like these call for a plan and organization as production gets underway. Great podcast production ensures your listeners fully grasp the story, from the clarity of sound to the order in which information is revealed. Porthos Media offers immense experience in creating a unique audio strategy customized to each episode of your podcast. Call us to get started with your podcast in Penticton, today!

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Podcast equipment 

You can be recording on location somewhere in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, or you could be podcasting in a studio. Either way, you'll want the right audio equipment that will help your podcast sound great.  It's always possible to create your own podcast using your average smartphone, but if you want professional sound and production, reach out to Porthos Media. We'll let your know exactly what recording equipment you'll need to get a great sound for your podcast. We'll help you discover the right editing software, sound dampening tools, microphones and more. Get in touch with our Pentiction podcast production team to find out more about the sound equipment you'll need to get your podcast sounding great.

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record a podcast!

We are a Penticton podcast production company, which means we've stumbled upon a lot of interesting podcast subjects, from politics and causes to travel and comedy. Our little corner of the planet is one of the most unique and stunning locations in the world, dotted with lakes, camping opportunities, parks, fine dining and more. A podcast developed in the Okanagan Valley is promising and can truly draw in that niche group of listeners. So, let Porthos Media help you get your Okanagan podcast on the air! We're eager and excited to hear about your podcast. Give us a call and fill us in! Our podcast production team can run your whole show for you, or consult with us so you know everything you need to do to get your podcast done. We'll assess the equipment you already have, assist with planing your episodes and we can even write your scripts for you if need be. Porthos Media has everything you need to get your podcast off the ground so get in touch and speak with our Penticton podcast production team today!

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Penticton Podcast editor

The editing process is the place where podcasts come to life. Edits are where your podcast story takes shape and has the power to move people. Editing a podcast is like chiseling a sculpture out of wood. You'll start with the raw material, or unedited sound files, and carve out something that sounds great and draws in listeners. Your podcast may not need a lot of editing at all, aside from some simple changes. Your podcast could also require more editing to fit your storyboard. Either way, you want Penticton's top podcast production team on board to ensure your finished podcast sounds amazing and draws the audience in. It's more complicated than just hitting a record button, so get in touch with Porthos Media and we'll make your podcast sounds great.

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Call us for podcast editing!

Penticton POdcasts That Sound Awesome.

For post-production podcasting services in Penticton, BC, call us at Porthos Media. Post-production is the process that finishes off your podcast and sends it out to your listeners. Discover how Porthos Media's podcast production team in Penticton, BC can help you get the right sound for your project. 

Content is the meat of any podcasting project, but production can truly make your show stand out in a crowd. Carefully selected sound effects, emotion-invoking background music, audio bumpers or stingers to enhance the story are all common and effective ways to finish off a professional sounding podcast production. You can choose intro and outro music that can enhance your message and create brand recognition among your audience. Monetizing your podcast is a great way to generate some income with your podcast, and professional sounding podcasts get the attention of advertisers. Podcast post-production is our forte at Porthos media in Penticton, BC. We can make your podcast sound great. Reach out and find out how!

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Let's Get Started On your podcast Production now!

The team at Porthos Media wants to learn about your podcast ideas, and we want to teach you how to take your podcast production to a professional level. Check out our podcast production portfolio and get in touch with us today to chat about your project. We would love to create podcasts with you! We are located in the sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, just moments from Highway 97. We work with clients in Penticton, but also all over the world. We love local Penticton projects though to bring visibility and business to our beautiful valley, raising awareness for Penticton local products and services. Whether you're on Skaha, in West Bench, Naramata, Apex, Carmi or Sage Mesa, we can help you with your podcast production. Reach out to your friendly local Okanagan podcast producers, today!

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