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Introducing the Q-Dropped Podcast - How Qanon Is Tearing Families Apart

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Stories of Families Ripped Apart by Qanon.

Trailer below!

Porthos Media is proud to announce the upcoming launch of their latest production, the Q-Dropped Podcast: Stories of Families Torn Apart by Qanon.

The covid-19 pandemic highlighted a dark corner of the internet. Before long, Qanon was right out in the open. Similar to a cult, the phenomenon saw throngs of believers buying into wild conspiracy theories. They support Trump and lean extreme right with their beliefs and politics. When the covid-19 vaccines began to roll out, the Qanon conspiracies kicked into high gear. Now facing life and death decisions, family members and loved ones of Qanon believers became concerned and alarmed.

Some have become estranged from their parents, others are experiencing a Qanon-driven divorce. There are parents who watch their children slide down the rabbit hole and children who watch their parents do the same. This is not an American phenomenon. This is global and now we're starting to see Qanon believers run for and win elected offices in several different countries.

Qanon is everywhere. In every country. They could be your family, your friends, your neighbours. They could be your lawyers, your doctors, or your police officers. They can even be your elected representatives. But what no one is talking about is how they are destroying relationships.

They are Qanon, and these are the stories of the people who love them.

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Watch the trailer:

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