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The Q-Dropped Podcast

Stories of Families Ripped Apart by Qanon

S2E12: How QAnon is Infiltrating Canadian Politics

Matt's close friend and former candidate for the mayor of Toronto takes up with some shady characters, posing a threat to Canadian politics as a whole.

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The Q-Dropped Podcast

Stories of Families Ripped Apart by Qanon

The Q-Dropped podcast is a show dedicated to telling the stories of families that have been torn apart by the Qanon cult and Qanon-adjacent ideas. Most of us know someone who has been affected by the deeply concerning beliefs of Qanon adherents. Many of us have had rifts form between us and people we care about. Unfortunately, however, not many of us are talking about the toll Qanon is having on average, everyday families in countries all over the world. This podcast aims to raise awareness about this issue by telling the stories of people who have lost someone they care about to Qanon. If you have lost a loved one to Qanon and you want to tell your story, fill out the form below. 

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Media Coverage

Q-Dropped in the Media

Q-Dropped on CBC Radio

CBC's Chris Walker speaks to the Q-Dropped host, Courtney Heard, about what inspired the podcast as well as some of the stories that have stood out to her. 

Q-Dropped on InfoNews Penticton

The host of Q-Dropped, Courtney Heard, is interviewed for InfoNews Penticton.

Bruce Gerencser Posts About Q-Dropped

Our first interview posted about the episode on his blog.

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