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As small business owners in Kelowna, there is nothing we understand better than the value of our limited time. Time is money when you’re your own boss and it's a waste to spend that time on tedious, time-consuming tasks. There are so many of these types of small business chores that take time and effort, but they’re also extremely important, sometimes crucial tasks for your business. That’s why we often have to outsource the little things and that’s why Porthos Media is here, serving all areas of Kelowna, from the Lakeshore to Mission, Rutland to Lake Country, we serve the city proudly.

Let’s take a look at what we can do for Kelowna business owners.

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Kelowna Website Copy

Copywriting is the meat of your online business presence. With the proper words, your business' website can be found high on search engines like Google, and that means lots of targeted traffic, boosted sales and market conquest. Most small business owners in Kelowna neglect their website copy to some degree, though and just throw any words up on the page that they can think of just to complete their site. It’s totally understandable! Writing an entire website takes time, especially when you're crafting search engine friendly text for a website with many different pages. It's even more labour-intensive when you want those words to be user-friendly as well. Ignoring your website copy isn’t the answer, either, because that can be detrimental to your website ensuring it can only be found on the last pages of search results, which means no traffic, no sales and no success. 

Kelowna copywriting rocket

The answer is to hire a Kelowna copywriter. That’s where we come in. At Porthos Media, we have over 30 years of writing experience and our copywriting team is led by an ex-search engine optimization professional. That means that you get expert website copy that produces traffic from search engines, answers visitor's questions and turns them into paying customers. You’ll get lots of traffic, and you’ll easily be able to convert the sales. Check out our Kelowna copywriting portfolio and see some of our previous work throughout the Okanagan Valley and beyond.


No matter what the subject matter of your website is, our copywriting team can take care of that copy for you with impeccable research, a user-friendly tone and packed full of the keywords and key phrase you want to target on the search engines in context. We're fast and passionate about writing, so you’ll get finished copy written with expertise and care as quickly as you need it. 


Do you need web copy written in Kelowna? Get in touch and we’ll chat!

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From lists of the ten best camp sites in the Okanagan to your Dad's winning BBQ sauce recipe, we can write about anything you need in a format that works for a blog with engaging verbage, character and important calls to action. 


Blogging can be a potent device when used thoughtfully. Using the right text, subjects and keywords, an excellent blog post can draw a sizeable audience, raising your brand awareness and boosting your sales. 


At Porthos Media in Kelowna, we’ve been blogging since the first days of blogging. We’ve written many reviews, travel journals, recipes, DIYs, updates, and listicles on any topic you can imagine. The Porthos research skills are unmatched with our extensive background in Search Engine Optimization. That means you get fact-checked, current information that’s relevant. If you understand the power of a blog, but you just don’t have the time to do the writing yourself, reach out to Porthos Media and we’ll take it right off your hands. 

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Product Descriptions

It doesn't matter if you’re a Kelowna company with countless products to sell on your website or a much smaller operation with a handful of things to sell, getting those product descriptions written is tedious and takes time. As a business owner in the Okanagan, however, you know how crucial product descriptions are. Not only do they explain and help to sell the item to your buyers, but they can also assist with telling search engines like Google about what each product is. If you’ve done your research, and written product descriptions with consideration, you can achieve a higher ranking for popular keywords on Google, which means more traffic for your website and more sales. So, you can’t skip writing those product descriptions with care and you certainly can’t rush through them thoughtlessly. 

If the time required for writing product descriptions is not a cost-effective way to spend your time, you need our help. HIre a professional copywriter to write product descriptions that resonate with your potential customers and also attract the attention of search engines like Google, bringing traffic to your website. 


If you need product descriptions done by professional SEO writers in Kelowna, get in touch with Porthos Media today. 

Need descriptions? Call us!


An old saying suggests that you'll only be as successful as the size of your contact list and in the age of the internet there’s never been an era where this saying rings more true. Accumulating your mailing list and cultivating engagement and sales is no easy task. You need a constant flow of ideas that your customer wants to read about and you need to carve out the time to write those ideas. Newsletters should always drive engagement and clickthroughs which translate to sales and profit and a return on your investment of time and money..


At Porthos Media, we'll happily write your daily, weekly or even monthly newsletters. Whether those letters you send out to buyers are long or short, it doesn’t matter. We can pack a punch with few words and spread the message through many.

The Porthos team in Kelowna have top-notch research skills which allows us to write on just about any topic using a mix of valuable research tools on the internet. From travel tips and gardening to healthcare and investing, we are happy to write about any topic you send our way. We have experience writing thoroughly researched pieces on: 


  • Mental Health

  • Travel

  • Hair care

  • Finance

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

  • Events

  • Estate planning

  • Cosmetics

  • Medical marijuana

  • Food and dining

  • Moving services

Rocket on Kelowna copywriting page

And much, much more. If you've always wanted to send out a periodic newsletter but you simply don’t have the time to write it, give us a call at Porthos Media and we’ll show you what we can do.

Need a Newsletter? Call Today!

Brochure Writing

So, you’ve got all the stunning photos you require to make a memorable brochure that will catch attention, but you’ve stalled on writing the text. You need Porthos Media in Kelowna. We’ve got you covered. A brochure can be an effective marketing instrument when it's executed correctly and the text you select can mean the difference between a great brochure and one that’s just nice to look at. You need to get into your potential client's mind to predict what details they'll want in a brochure for your business. At Porthos Media, we have a gift for writing brochure copy that can take a beautiful brochure and turn it into something that people value because it’s got the details they need in plain language. 


If you’re starting a brochure project and you’re not certain what the text should say, reach out to the team at Porthos Media in the Okanagan, and we’ll take it from there.

Need a Writer? Call Today!

Social Media POsts & Tweets

It feels like it should be easy, doesn’t it? Just stick a picture of your product on your social media with a link to your product page and the customers will just stream in, right? If only it were that simple. In the first days of social media, that may have been a realistic scenario, but today, there is too much noise and so many other voices to stand out amongst. With each new day, it is becoming increasingly more challenging to effectively capture the attention of your potential customer base and to convert that attention into sales. 

A social media post these days is more involved than a photo and some text. It’s an expression of your brand that should create real engagement, boost your audience and build a loyal clientele who feel the need to share your content and purchase your products. It’s not easy to achieve all of that with a single social media post, but with good writers giving you an assist, you can’t lose. 

Social media copywriting

Explore how Porthos Media can help you write social media content that wins by reaching out today to chat! 

Need Tweets? Call us!

E-Book Writing

E-books can be an effective marketing tool, bonus material for your customers or they can become a product for you to make profit on. No matter what you want out of an e-book, Porthos Media knows how to write it. 


The greatest aspect of an e-book is that you can make it anything you want. An e-book can be 100 pages or 1000 pages. It can be categorized into as many or as few chapters as you deem fit and it can be updated and re-released as often as you want. You can use your e-book to give your customers a manual for your products or services. You can use your e-book to funnel in sales and increase your overall profits. You can also sell your e-book for supplemental income.

At Porthos Media in Kelowna, we’ve composed e-books on many topics:


  • Hair care

  • Travel

  • Recipes

  • Pet care

  • Medication

  • Law

  • Retirement planning

  • Mortgages 

  • Landscaping


And many more.

If you need to get your e-book written, get in touch with Porthos and we’ll discuss!

E-book writing services Kelowna rocket

At Porthos Media in the Okanagan Valley, BC, we look forward to taking on any writing project you have that you don’t want to write yourself. On top of the writing types we’ve talked about here already, we also offer writing services in Kelowna for: 


  • Memos

  • Advertising copywriting

  • Amazon copywriter

  • Letters

  • Resumes

  • Manuals

  • Technical writing

  • SEO writing


 If you don’t see the writing project you need completed listed here, reach out and let us know. Let’s see what we can do for you! 

Need a Writer? Call Today!

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