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QAnon Podcast: Episode 14, Kurt

Porthos Media is proud to let listeners know that episode 14 of the Q-Dropped Podcast is live, so you can hear the latest installment in these stories of relationships destroyed by QAnon. Or "QAnon Casualties," as they are often referred to.

Kurt is an artist who makes a living creating beautiful works with his hands. In 2002, he met the love of his life, but after a whirlwind romance, life led them down separate paths. Over a decade later, they met again and their passion was reunited. What ensued was a mutually supportive, respectful and loving relationship until one day, she became convinced that Kurt was a demon dead set on her destruction.

This is easily the most shocking episode we’ve done to date and our jaws were on the floor as we sat through this interview. We hope you hear Kurt’s story of his QAnon ex-girlfriend and hear his appeals for healing because things with QAnon are truly getting out of control.

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