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Two New Episodes of This QAnon Podcast

This week, we're happy to announce that there are two new episodes of the Q-Dropped Podcast available for your listening pleasure.

Episode 8 is a special episode featuring stories from the QAnon Casualties subreddit that we couldn’t get an interview for. They feature talk of racism and references to a school shooting, so please listen with care.

Episode 9 features Jane, who talks to us about facing racism from her QAnon mom. Jane is a young woman, married, and is struggling to ignore her frustration with her own mother’s descent down the QAnon rabbit hole.

You can catch three extra clips from this episode on Patreon, as well as video of some of our other interviews. Sign up for those and be a supporter of the show at

You can listen to both episodes on any podcast platform (find links here) as well as YouTube:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

Find out more about and get in touch with the Q-Dropped Podcast and subscribe on your favourite podcast platform here.

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